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3D reconstruction of a diamond from an image

What We Do

We provide a service enabling 3D reconstruction of diamond's shape from a high quality photo. Possible applications of our method include:

  • Gemology. Obtained 3D shape of a diamond allows to check the cut and symmetry properties of a diamond. See presentation.
  • Diamond cutting. Our technology can work as a polished diamond scanner, helping on the last stages of diamond cutting and polishing.

If compared to the classical approach of 3D reconstruction when a number of shadow photos of a diamond are used, our method has several advantages:

  1. We use much more information from a single photo. When typical shadow photo has 9 edges, we detect and employ several hundreds edges from a single photo. Therefore much less photos are needed to achieve similar precision. It is possible to achieve better precision and faster scanning.
  2. We can reconstruct diamond's shape without extracting it from the decoration.
  3. We don't need to build our own highly specialized and expensive hardware. You can use modern digital equipment (still cameras, microscopes, etc).
  4. We can theoretically achieve even 1 micron precision.

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Original image

Analyze a high quality photo, find all possible edges.

Image source: cutwise.com

Result projection

Find 3D shape of a diamond with best fit to all edges of the photo.


Find cut parameters essential for GIA cut and symmetry estimation.